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Vintage Fur Vest
Lot #4100
Shear Beaver designed by
Aladino Stefani.  16"
shoulder to shoulder.  32"
in length.  Has had some
repair around the arm holes.
Vintage from 1985.
Condition:  Good
Laced Fringe Coat
Lot #4101
Scully hand laced trim
fringe western coat.  Size
46 mens, buck suede
leather, light tan.
Condition:  Excellent
Canister Set
Lot #4102
2 pc decrotive canister
set.  One is for Aloe and is
12" around and 9" tall.  And
the other is 17.5" around
and 10" tall
Condition:  Great
Avon USPS Jeep
Lot #4104
intage Avon cologne
bottle.  Features cobalt
blue jeep with white top.
Condition:  Excellent
4 pc LaVerona Figurines
Lot #4103
ne is reading on the couch, one is losing
her shoe, one is walking her dog, and one
bares her shoulder.  One had been repaired,
but very professionally.
Condition:  Great
Avon Fashion Figure
Lot #4106
ay nineties figure from the
1970's.  Vintage Avone
perfume bottle.  Features
model from Victorian era.
Condition:  Great
Ladies Fur Coat
Lot #4105
Designed by Berkson's of Kansas City in
the early 1940's.  It's a classic.  19"
across, 40" long, 22" sleeve length.  Has a
monogram inside and light repairs to the
Condition:  Good
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Secret Formula Team
Lot #4107
his is set of canisters is
perfect for the sportsman.  
Both are spirited
characters, include what
can be put inside.  Dave &
Vern are 12" tall, and 13"
Condition: Excellent
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Spirit of 1976 Plate
Lot #4108
his plate was designed and distributed for
the Centennial birthday of our nation.
Has clip attached to back for hanging.
Condition: Great
P. Buckley Moss Plate
for Anna Perena

Lot #4110
"Leisure Time" is a part of a series
handcrafted in Bavaria, Germany.  
Produced in the 1970's, this plate is #1860
or #5000.
Condition:  Excellent
Arzberg Cups and Saucers
Lot #4111
pc set made in Germany in 1957.   
Condition:  Excellent
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Vintage Spiderman

Lot #2112
he Amazing Spider-Man!
Follow him as he
transforms from a
bookworm to a super hero.
First page has had a little
Condition:  Good
Japanese Teapot
Lot #2113
nusual old, with an exotic
bird on the side.  
Measurers 7" tall, 9"
Condition:  Excellent
J&P Coats Thread Tin
Lot #2114
easuring 5" x 6" x 4.5"
This tin features a victorian
child on the front.  Some
slight wear.
Condition:  Great
Barbara Sue
ot# 4116
From Pat Kolesar for
Effanbee.  15" inches of
true vintage.  One of only
2500 produced.
Still in box, but box is very
Condition:  Excellent
Lot# 4117
From Pat Kolesar for
Effanbee.  15" inches of
true vintage.  One of only
1500 produced.
Still in box, but box is very
 Missing Hat.
Condition:  Excellent
Tuscan Cookie Jar
Lot #2115
Measuring 5
" x 6" x 9"
ertified International
Pamela Gladding.
Rare & Hard to find.

Condition:  Great