Estate Sales
Liquidation Clear Outs, Clean Outs
Online Auction
Online Auction is designed for those who do not want to attend estate sales, but want to enjoy the estate sales
prices.   Online auction items m
ay be posted every day with great merchandise.  The items in the auction are from
Heritage Belongings and tend to be unique, vintage, or unusual items.  The client will set a bid on each item they are
interested in purchasing and click on the bid button under the item.  Items are shown in a clear picture of the item and
general information.  To start looking at the current items up for auction, just click into the
Auction button.  If you have
any additional questions about the item, contact us at i
Whether we just finished an estate sale for you and you need miscellaneous items to be donated or hauled away, we
can help. We have also helped to C
lear Out small and large properties for a range of clients from family members,
estate attorney's, real estate agents, other estate sales companies,
storage unit managers, and property owners. We
often help clients and realtors to get the home “realtor ready” for sale.  This includes removing all of the items from the
property and cleaning the property.

We donate as much as we possibly can and provide you with the tax deductible receipts that you can later use for
those valuable write-offs for taxes!   We have a range of different organizations that we donate to.  We recommend that
the family conducts a walk through with our staff to make sure all items that the family wants to keep will remain in a
secure location.

So, if you have a project of any size for any reason and you need removal, contact us. We normally handle a clear out
for $250.00, depending on the volume and type of items.  Some times we do require an additional fee based on how the
product has to be removed.  We offer these services to anyone that needs a clear out. It is a bit of a hidden gem most
people don’t know about but once they do, we often get repeat customers for life!  If a liquidator is needed, that cost
will be discussed before we agree to the liquidation
.  We even handle hoarders.
We recommend holding an Estate Sale if the value and volume of the contents are great enough to warrant one.  We
need to conduct a site visit as a starting point.   We handle all aspects of the estate sale, including the merchandising,
pricing, bookkeeping, and advertising. We maintain the safety and security of the merchandise, and our friendly staff
provides great customer service.  It is important to work with the family on the timing of the sale.

We are insured to protect the interests of our clients, and have a reputation for running fair and efficient sales. Our
pricing reflects today’s market with the focus on generating sales and motivating buyers. Our experience in the antique
and vintage marketplace, plus our research of market value on specific and high-demand pieces, allows us to reach our
goal for an estate sale – to empty the house while generating proceeds for the client.

When we conduct your estate sale, you not only get a team that understands your needs, but you get all of our
resources and networks as well. Hundreds of hours are spent preparing each estate sale. When you hire Heritage
Belongings to handle your estate, every possible step is taken to insure that your estate sale, is a great estate sale.

Whether you are settling an estate, moving into a smaller home, or just wanting to simplify your lifestyle, the
liquidation of household items can be both frustrating and time-consuming. Our Estate Services provides clients with a
worry-free and quick solution to this and other difficult situations.

We encourage you to contact us  and we would be happy to meet with you and provide you with a complimentary
consultation and analysis at no charge and at your convenience.  Should we decided to move forward with the sale, our
normal commission is 40% to conduct a successful sale.   There are no upfront cost.
Call us at 303-845-9526
Email us at
Why use Heritage Belongings?
We believe that providing top quality service is important from the start of the process.  We believe that an estate sale
should be done with respect and detail.  It's about the details, and respect.  Planning is a key, and we want to provide
an effective time management program that works for you.  We come from generations of experts and conduct over 100
sales a year.  Our experience speaks volumes, and it is important that we educate our clients during the process.  W
have a reasonably priced Clean Out team that can handle every type clean out needed.  We specialize in it.  
Private Sale
Many times clients would prefer to use a private auction.  This means that we will handle all of the marketing and
promotions via a number of outlets to attract buyers.  It stops the flood of people just wanting to walk around, normally
buying nothing, and causing wear on your property.  This is very effective for smaller estates or those having unique or
upscale items.  Private sales are great for those with HOA or neighborhood restrictions.  The process usually take a
few days (3) and includes setting appointments for final buyers to coming in and inspect the items, make the payment,
and remove the items.  We do provide delivery at a cost.  Heritage Belongings charges a 30% commission against the
net sales for a Private Sale.