We are working on two future sales!!
Pictures for the next sale will be posted 48 hours prior to the sale.
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"The care we received from Heritage Belongings was
incredible.  When you have lost both parents and don't
know who to turn to and what to do, they filled the void.  
The estate sale was so very professional and successful.  
And the clean-up afterwards allowed us to place the house
on the market two weeks earlier."
                                          - Jayme Mediate, Denver
"My sister Marie passed away unexpectedly and I was not
able to travel.  Her estate attorney recommended Heritage
Belongings and took care of all the details.  They were a
blessing to us.  We were made aware of every step that
was taken.  I would certainly recommend them to anyone
who needs just that extra respect for their loss loved one."
                                          -Betty Anderson, NJ
"I decided it was time to downsize and move in assisted
living.  A friend recommended me to Heritage
Belongings.  They took care of everything, and even
helped me move some of my larger items into my new
apartment.  Their care really was worth every dime.  I
can not thank them enough for making this move so
much easier for me."                    -Helen Bird, Golden
"We continue to be a repeat customer of the team at
Heritage Belongings.  We flip houses and use the
company for all of our clean outs.  They are great, fast,
and leave the properties ready for us to sale."
                                   -Robert Countryman
                                    Greenwood Village
"We totally support the efforts of
Heritage Belongs.  They
continue to support our
non-profit with household
donations that help battered
women get back on their feet.  
                  -Ron Barnes
                   Denver House
"The Holiday season is a special
time for our non-profit to share the
skills of our creative team's designs
to families that cannot afford the
beauty of the holiday decorations.
Thank-you to Heritage Belongings
for the year round flow of
decorations you supply us.
              -Wendy Green
               Denver Art Guild
May 25 & 26
Private Sale
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